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    Antipasti & Pickles

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    Branston Original Pickle 520g


    Co Op Sundried Tomatoes in Oil 280g


    Co-op Pickled Baby Gherkins 340g


    Co-op Whole Pickled Gherkins 680g


    Co Op Chargrilled Peppers 280g

    To make sure all of our customers can continue to get what they need, we've introduced a temporary buying limit of three items per customer on products from our cooking oil range.

    Baxters Crinkled Beetroot 340g


    Branston Small Chunk Pickle 520g


    Opies Capers with Spirit Vinegar 180g


    Co Op Artichokes 280g


    Baxters Baby Beetroot 340g


    Co-op Pickled Onions in Vinegar 440g


    Baxters Sliced Beetroot 340g


    Baxters Baby Beetroot 567g


    Branston Small Chunk Pickle 360g


    Baxters Sliced Beetroot 567g


    Dino's Famous Chilli Stacker Pickles 530g


    Co Op Pickled Sliced Beetroot 710g


    Co-op Sweet Pickled Red Cabbage 335g


    Co-op Pickled Sliced Beetroot 340g


    Branston Smooth Pickle 370g


    Co Op Pickled Baby Beetroot 710g


    Crespo Pitted Mixed Cocktail Olives 70g


    Dino's Famous Sweet Stacker Pickles 530g


    Co-op Pickled Sliced Gherkins 480g


    Merchant Gourmet Sun-Dried Tomatoes 280g


    Crespo Pitted Green Olives in Brine 907g


    Crespo Pitted Green Olives in Brine 354g


    Haywards Silverskin Onions 400g