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    Bread & Rolls

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    Co Op Ready to Bake 2 White Baguettes 300g

    Offer valid for delivery until 05/10/2022

    Co-op Bakery Wholemeal Toastie 800g


    Co-op Bakery Farmhouse White 800g


    Co-op Bakery 6 Hot Cross Buns


    Co-op Bakery White Toastie 800g


    Soreen Original Malt Loaf 190g


    Warburtons Medium Sliced Wholemeal 400g


    Warburtons The True Taste of Wholemeal 800g


    Warburtons Danish Lighter White Bread 400g


    Warburtons Farmhouse Soft Bread 800g


    Co-op Bakery Farmhouse White 400g


    St Pierre Brioche Loaf 500g


    Co-op Bakery Medium White & Bran 800g


    Co-op 6 Sesame Seeded Burger Buns


    Vogel's Sensational Soya & Linseed 800g


    Co-op Bakery 4 Large White Baps


    Warburtons Farmhouse Soft Bread 400g


    Co Op Sliced Tiger Bloomer 800g


    Out of Stock


    Co Op 4 Seeded Rolls


    Out of Stock


    Warburtons 6 Sliced Soft White Rolls


    Warburtons Wholemeal Danish 400G


    Co-op Bakery Farmhouse Wholemeal 800g


    Warburtons 4 Large Sandwich Rolls