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    CRF Biscuits Tartlets Raspberries 150G


    Carrefour Peas Carrots (Aa-Grade) 265g


    Carrefour Swiss Cheese Crackers 105g


    CRF MadeleineS Recipe Palet Biscuit


    CRF Gratin Dauphinois Box 850g


    Carrefour Vanilla Sugar 75g


    Carrefour Green Peas (Aa-Grade) 280g


    CRF Kids Biscuits Zoo Milk Chocolat


    Carrefour Standard Cassoulet 840g


    Carrefour Sausages With Cooked Lentils 840g


    Carrefour Strawberry Jam 370g


    Carrefour Breton Shortbread Biscuits 2X125g


    Carrefour Lobster Bisque 400g


    Carrefour Armagnac Duck Terrine 180g


    Carrefour Mediterranean Fish Soup 950ml


    Carrefour Beef Ravioli 800g


    Carrefour Raspberry Piccolos Biscuits 100g


    CRF Petit Beurre Biscuit 200G


    CRF Cheese And Potato Gratin From T


    Carrefour French Beans (Aa-Grade) 440g


    Carrefour Classic Lemon Pie 127g


    CRF Biscuits Milk Chocolate 125G


    CRF Fig Jam 370G


    CRF Biscuits Bar Of Dark Chocolate


    CRF Nature Grilled Mackerel Fillet


    Carrefour Extra Thin Carrots 530g


    Carrefour Corn With No Sugar Added 285g


    Carrefour Sélection Milk Chocolate 100g


    CRF Grenadine Syrup 75CL Can


    Carrefour Béarnaise Sauce 245g

    £1.35 £0.67

    CRF Honey Gingerbread Slices CRF


    CRF Extra Fine Peas/Carrots


    CRF. Popcorn Salted Caramel 400G


    Carrefour Tuna Rillettes 125g


    Carrefour Palmier Black Olives Flavour 100g

    £1.99 £0.99