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    Bonjela Adult Ulcer Sugar Free Gel, 15g


    Co Op Dental Care Cool Mint Mouthwash


    Colgate Cavity Protection Toothpaste 75ml


    Colgate Max Fresh Cooling Crystals 75ml

    £2.50 £1.25

    Colgate Max White Medium Toothbrush


    Colgate Plax Cool Mint Mouthwash with CPC 500ml

    £3.69 £1.84

    Colgate Plax Soft Mint Mouthwash with CPC 500ml

    £3.69 £1.84

    Colgate Total Original Toothpaste 125ml

    £3.69 £1.84

    Colgate Total Whitening Toothpaste 125ml

    £3.69 £1.84

    Co-op Dental Floss EACH


    Oral-B 3DWhite Luxe Perfection Toothpaste 75ml

    £4.75 £2.37

    Oral-B Pro-Expert Fresh Breath Toothpaste 75ml

    £3.40 £2.40

    Oral-B Satin Tape Dental Floss Mint 25m 


    Steradent Active Plus 30 Tablets


    Wisdom Control Grip Toothbrush Firm